The Orion Massage Chair

I want to call your attention to one of the best values in massage chairs today. The Orion massage recliner by Omega.

This sleek lounger is a full body massage recliner. It provides therapy for the back, buttocks, thighs and calves. It provides strong and invigorating penetration for the back and shoulders. The powerful Orion massage chair packs a punch, but is very easy on the wallet. Omega has incorporated many advanced features into this sleek therapy lounger.


It has a very sleek and contemporary design.

The therapy and treatments are great for this class of massage recliner. The Orion massage lounger presents a contemporary and striking design.

This massaging recliner will compliment most rooms in your house.

It is also a comfortable and relaxing chair to sit in. For your back, the M2 massage chair has a four roller rocker arm unit. There are three different movements or techniques available. Choose from kneading, rolling and swaying to loose in tight muscles and relax your back and shoulders. The manual treatment techniques include the sway motion.

The sway technique is a side to side motion where the rollers move in parallel. This is different from kneading, where kneading makes a pinching motion. The sway technique is excellent for loosening the larger muscles of the back.

The seat has some very powerful therapies in the M-2 massage lounger. The seat has a system of eight rotary heads. These eight rotary heads target the thighs and buttocks. A vibration system is also incorporated to promote blood circulation in the capillary vessels.

The leg rest on the M 2 massaging chair is adjustable.

This enables you to move the leg rest to better position your legs for an effective and penetrating treatment. Use the convenient lever to release the leg rest in position it for its maximum effect. The M2 massage recliner also comes with a negative ion oxygen bar.

Sometimes stale air can become trapped between the body and the massaging lounger. The negative ion oxygen bar pushes out more pure oxygen to remove the trapped stale air. This provides a more healthy treatment. The M-2 recliner comes with three full body, timed automatic programs. These timed programs are five minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. These provide full body therapy capability.

You can also target specific areas with this unique massage chair. Choose one of the manual massage techniques. Next select from upper back, lower back or overall. The treatment will commence is the area selected. See here 마사지


This entry level massage lounger also enables you to target a specific point. Use the up or down arrows to move the roller mechanism. Choose the technique you most want and pinpoint exactly where you want it to focus. This is excellent for targeted relief. There are individual controls for the leg rest, seat and chair back. You may select to just have the vibration massage in the seat, or relieve your calves with a compression and squeezing action. This massage recliner keeps you in control.